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Review from Chrissy Overkill

The Death Maiden Journeys is a dark and wonderful tale, spun with a rich tapestry of characters.   This novel awakens provocative and tumultuous thoughts.  It compels you to turn each page with fervour and anticipation of the next peek around its dark corners.

Upon reaching the conclusion of this remarkable tale, I felt a disappointment that could only be abated by turning to page one and rediscovering the story all over.

I cannot wait to read another of this authors works, I will be looking for another with bated breath

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She began as Lilith, a human woman who had her own way of bringing torture and desire to every life she touched.  She killed at will and with no regret, slowly evolving into Death Maiden, and devolving into the human condition as she grew with greater skill, crueler.

As She began to mature, so did Her understanding of the world around Her, and so did the knowledge that all life is fleeting, even when you are the one dispatching it.  I invite you to enter Her world.  Enjoy your journey and remember Death Maiden does not spare.

​Review from Blaze McRob

The Death Maiden Journeys ( Slayful Stories Book 2 ), by Melanie McCurdie, is now awaiting your reading pleasure. Melanie has burst upon the scene quite recently. Not as an author - she is involved with a rather dynamic group of talented authors and they have been putting up stories on a website for quite some time now - but as an author on her own  as well. I told her a while back to do it. And, she listened to me. Bravo, Melanie. She now has three books up on Amazon. I'm proud of her.

Enjoy a new, bold author, one who pushes the boundaries with her tales. Everything Melanie writes will find a home in the dark recesses of your soul. She is a thinking person's author. I like that. There is nothing boring about my friend, Melanie. Meet a new favorite author, and a new friend. Look into her tales.

Melanie McCurdie Is A Master Of Horror Writing!

By Amazon Customer on October 5, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

Once again, the author has nailed it with this chill-inducing book! If you're looking for a dark tale that will make you want to leave the lights on at night, then look no further! While the majority of us wonder about and fear death, Melanie McCurdie's book brings those fears to the surface in a masterfully horrifying way! Don't buy this book unless you're the type who loves and can handle a truly blood-curdling, soul-chilling tale!

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