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Slayful Stories Volume 1

 In these pages, death lays in wait. The killers you   will find here are a wily bunch as beautiful as they   are lethal. Beginning with the epic poem Swing, a   story of a woman scorned, each journey takes you   deeper into the mind of a murderer, a victim, or   a survivor of lost love, untold horrors, and   unnatural phenomenon. Won't you join us   as we   wander along the twisted corridors of   the human   psyche.

Review by Blaze McRob - Slayful Stories, by Melanie McCurdie, is now out! This is one Dark tome. Let there be no doubt about it. Melanie has bared her soul. This super collection is Melanie's first Amazon book. Explore and get a glimpse into the world that belongs to my friend.Volume 1, it says on the cover. I say, "Yay!"

By Ray Lozano - Format: Kindle Edition 
I've been a fan of Mel's work for some time now, we met by accident on Twitter so she knows I like her style of writing. Melanie has a way of taking you on a nice journey, making you feel all nice a cozy, then cutting your head off and dancing around with it on a stick. She has very original ideas about how to tell a chilling story, and has a way with her beautiful poetry. SVD

Delightfully Horrifying - By Cathy Hennebury 
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Wonderfully gruesome and disturbing stories and poems. The prose is as eloquent as the lady author. Brava! Can't wait for Volume 2!