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​​Things change, they say. It can’t last forever. Hell is full and it cuts like glass that the daemons are among us. Have I truly come to a point in my life where all my troubles could be bought away by the uttering of a name and the pulling of a trigger?

The voices. They came back with a vengeance, screaming at me day and night their horrible, beautiful plans, like a million hands tearing at my brain. When the shrill ringing of the telephone broke into my dream. I hoped that it was a dream. A handsome courier delivered an elegantly designed invitation, then a concrete pen full of rules and fragrant with the scent of human animals. People. Biological sacks of emotion and flesh. I couldn’t help it. 

The Abattoir Collection contains a gruesome assortment of erotic fiction, horror Hood as well as an excerpt from the upcoming novella  Roll the Beautiful Bones.

Slaughterhouse Stories

The Abbatoir Collection